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2018 Wine Sector Programme - Meet Nalo Mvamva


Age: 26

Residential Area: Stellenbosch

Family: Lives with her sister and nephews

Language Proficiency: English and Xhosa

Ready to be the difference

Nalo is employed at Hartenberg Wine Estate and works in the tasting room, where she completed her month-long specialisation work placement in October 2018 and showed her leadership qualities and strong sense of responsibility. She is one of the 49 young, talented men and women who graduated in November 2018 from the intensive 12 month Wine Sector programme at Pinotage Youth Development Academy (PYDA).

By achieving the required mark of 75% and above to pass each module (and the programme as a whole), Nalo now has the knowledge and experience of the entire value-chain of wine as well as related areas such as tourism and hospitality. She forms part of the new generation of work-ready young professionals who have the skills and attitude to add value and bring positive change, as well as the capability to build bridges and social cohesion between the diverse races and cultures of South Africa.

She graduated with an NQF Level 5 Certificate in Oenology and Viticulture as well as NQF Level 4 Certificates in Hospitality, Events Support Assistant and Tourist Guide Training. She also successfully completed other non-accredited modules, including Business Communication, Wine Service and Sales and Customer Service Culture.

40% of the programme covers several interventions and learnings in personal development which is is PYDA’s differentiator. Coaching and mentoring is inter-woven into every aspect of the programme, as is ongoing learning and a culture of accountability. It is the innovative integration of this dynamic learning environment that both teaches and models change which students embody in all aspects of their lives, enabling change in their families and communities.

Nalo completed her practical work experience at Seven Sisters and Hartenberg to embed the knowledge gained in the classroom.

In her own words

“I am a very strong woman. I’m a hard worker. I am always capable of doing anything I’m asked to do”

Which work placement did you enjoy the most?

Tasting room placement at Hartenberg Wine Estate

What was the skills training course you found most useful?

Technical training in wine

What life skills training have you found the most useful?

Ethics as well as making personal connections

What are your career hopes and dreams?

To gain independence through getting a permanent job. I would also like to study further and work to become a Tasting Room Manager.

For more information visit or join the Academy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the handle @PYDAcademy.

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