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The PYDA Ambassadors are passionate Alumni of Staff, Students & Board Members who continue to network, support and cheerlead throughout the world for us!


David and Jilly Best have served as members of the Board, David as Chairman, since 2012

with great passion, dedication, and integrity. Their involvement started before that

as they were initially part of the structure of our founding partner, The Cropper Foundation,

who funded the initial research and processes as well as the start-up of the Academy

after significant research and consultation.


They have played an integral role since inception and have a deep legacy through their

strategic leadership of the Academy and their contribution to the irrevocable change on

young South Africans.


Although they will no longer be involved as Directors, they are the first of the Academy’s formal Ambassadors,  a role for Academy alumni (Board, students, staff) who demonstrate the lifelong passion for the work and will network, support and cheerlead throughout the world for us.

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