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PYDA has a stringent application process, and we select students who are ready to a make positive change in their life.

We encourage anyone who meets our qualifications to apply, as being a student at PYDA set you on a track for success.


Our recruiting process takes place two times every year: once for our Wine and Tourism programme and once for our Fruit Sector programme. before applying, be sure to read about each of these programme options to ensure that you choose the one which interests you most.


PYDA requires all applicants to meet the following criteria:

  • 18-25 years old

  • South African

  • Unemployed or in casual employment

  • Able to demonstrate a commitment to bring about change

  • Able to communicate in English

  • Able to travel to Stellenbosch on a daily basis

  • Able to demonstrate financial need

  • Able to prove you have passed Grade 12 (matric)

  • Historically disadvantaged


Below are some important things to know about PYDA's programmes before deciding to apply:

  • If selected, there is no cost to attend

  • All programmes last 12 months

  • Classes are held daily in Stellenbosch from 09:00 - 16:00

  • Your time at PYDA will include work practical opportunities

  • Our classes are usually for 25 students each, but the number of students being accepted will be announced with each application.

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