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Job title: Programme Delivery Co-ordinator

Function: Programmes – Programme Delivery

Reporting to: Programme Lead

Number of direct reports (managed by you): People: 2

Roles: Youth Mentor

Location: On site: campus & office (remote only when required)

Internal / external focus (typically): 90 / 10

Decision-making line of sight: 3 months - 1 year

Who We Are

PYDA exists to “launch young South African talent to be the difference”. It is our deeply held belief that we attract staff and students who are filled with talent. We are not creators of talent or fixers - our role is to create a context and environment where individuals are able to develop their innate talents and be the difference.

This Theory of Change delivers deep, transformative and systemic change. We do so by attracting and developing 18 – 25-year-old, talented, previously disadvantaged South Africans for employment in demand led sectors. Our innovative programmes combine personal development skills (35%) with industry-specific vocational training and practical work experience.

The ability of the Academy to deliver work ready, talented graduates, who are able to add value in the employment space within a short period of time, helps us to meet our objective of creating these meaningful opportunities. Most recently this has focused on the FMCG, Wine Sales & Marketing, Digital Economy and related sectors.

Our uniqueness… our MAGIC, is built on the creation of a dynamic learning environment through integrating all these aspects holistically with our rituals, work practices, and continuous feedback. The personal development aspect of the programmes is our USP and the differentiator. Through this approach we ultimately achieve the sustainable change we strive for.

We live our VALUES daily. They are Boldness & Courage, Transparency, Learning, Excellence and being Relationship driven.

The Role

In this implementation role you need to be a strong implementer and be able to work with multiple moving activities. You are a partner who participates in, and supports the actions that achieves the Academy’s strategic objectives. You need to love and contribute to our culture, our goals and what we do.

A typical day in this role:

  • Student engagement, student engagement, student engagement! You have a day-to-day connection with all aspects of learning journey as well as the programme quality and all its different facets

  • Your attention is focused on, and you need to be responsive to, the student needs that arise

  • The day is ever changing. You could be dealing with curriculum issues one minute and sandwiches the next or a serious student crisis where you spend the day in class giving support

Role Purpose

The core purpose of the Programme function is to design, implement and evaluate all programmes run by the Academy. Our programmes are the reason we exist; to impact young South Africans. Through these we strive to create irrevocable change to impact their lives, foster personal transformation and deliver meaningful economic impact.

The Programme Delivery Co-ordinator ensures the day-to-day delivery of all aspects of PYDA Programmes. This position will have an internal operational and administrative focus with some external stakeholder liaison.

We ALL do:

  • Action our strategic objectives and contribute to the culture

  • Participate in our culture and ethos and to support the co-creation of a dynamic learning environment through the execution of and participation in programme rituals, practices and feedback processes

  • Build relationships and support liaison with external stakeholders, partners and the broader PYDA community where relevant

  • To, as part of a delivery team, deliver all aspects of Academy programmes

Your responsibilities

  • Creating a conducive learning environment for students

o Co-ordinate and participate in students’ induction during the orientation week

o Lead the orientation planning process: be responsible for it happening, presenting where needed, schedule and invite other speakers/participants

o Design & facilitate workshops including personal branding, research skills, presentation skills, reality check and reflection days

o Create a safe space for, and encourage boldness in, our students

o Give students a platform to raise their issues

o Be easily accessible to students

o Support students so that they can excel academically

o Provide & facilitate online support together with the Youth Mentor

  • Manage all elements of Curriculum delivery

o Sourcing providers for technical training and personal development

o Facilitation/ direct curriculum design and delivery where required

o Research potential providers and present possible options for review

o Arrange and attend meetings with potential providers

o Engaging PYDA stakeholders when necessary whether in person, telephonically or electronically (technical skills training providers, work placement and industry partners, other relevant parties)

o Identify additional curriculum needs and resources and make recommendations for changes or improvements

  • Monitor student performance

o Overseeing and analysing the student mark sheets and attendance registers and analysing it

o Identify red flags and implement or facilitate the appropriate intervention in collaboration with the Student Success Co-ordinator. You identify and conduct the first stage intervention in most cases and escalate should a next level be needed or the matter be more complex

o Analyse student and facilitator feedback to identify red flags and ensure continuous improvement in programme delivery

o Monitor student progress through ongoing assessment

o Co-ordinate and conduct student performance reviews through analysing students’ reports; feedback from coaches, staff and other stakeholders; to support them academically and behaviour & work readiness

  • Internal evaluation and feedback on all elements of the Theory of Change

o Monthly reporting and analysis around agreed indicators such as attendance levels, technical and academic levels, improvement on baseline levels, etc.

o Co-ordinate the M&E system and processes to ensure meaningful changes on an ongoing basis

o Action the day to day reflection processes by using data from reflection days to input into this system e.g. measure attendance for your programme

  • Student recruitment and selection

o Actively participate in the recruitment process in line with your role and work in collaboration with the Student Success Co-ordinator to ensure the effective execution of the recruitment process as set by the Academy standards

o Administer some stages of the advertising process by distributing adverts to the relevant media parties as need and liaise with them as required

o Support all external communications as needed and actively participate in contact sessions and community talks

  • Student work placement

o Conduct desktop research

o Contact new and existing work placement partner to request placement for students

o Draft working placement letter

o Set up and perform placement visits

o Manage the relationship between students and placement partners

o Create placement feedback tools for student and placement partners

o Analyse placement feedback (both student and employer) for continuous improvement

  • Liaison with all providers

o Book facilitators according to the class schedule

o Co-ordinate class readiness for facilitators

o Introduce them to the class

o Support facilitators when on campus (on & off)

  • Student graduation, job search and Alumni support for graduates up to 6 months after graduation

o Coordinate all aspects of the student exit from the Academy on graduation

o Ensuring support for job search pre and post-graduation

o Creating an alumni network for on-going support and hand this over to the Student Success Co-ordinator at the appropriate time

o Coordinating Academy support for job placements

Skills & Attributes

You need to be a/an:

  • Organised: keep track of and manage arrangements and deliverables to be achieved; sometimes across multiple programmes

  • Doer: be able to execute on the plans set and ensure that delivery happens as it should. Keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening and troubleshoot as problems arise

  • Communicator: be able to effectively engage people and convey ideas and information both in writing and verbally. In this role, your ability to engage our young talent is key

  • Relationship builder: build relationships with your team, the students as well as the various stakeholders you engage with

  • Self-managed: organise and manage your own work and that of the Youth Mentor who supports you. Be able to plan forward to achieve the milestones of the scheduled programmes

  • Solid programme manager: use your demonstrated knowledge in the field to effectively implement our programmes and contribute to improvements to be made

  • Resilient: have a sense of hope, mental toughness

  • Empathetic: have compassion for and responsiveness to the environment you work in

Qualifications & Experience

Your track record and experience must reflect the following:

  • A passion for the Academy’s work and values

  • 4-6 years’ experience in programme work/ learning co-ordination or a related field

  • A relevant tertiary qualification

  • Demonstrated knowledge of project management in respect of implementation across multiple projects

  • Proven experience in policy implementation

  • A working knowledge of adult learning methodologies and its implementation will be an advantage

  • A passion for implementation and creating and delivering to efficient systems

  • Ability to work in a fluid context with a small dedicated team

  • Solid interpersonal relationships and an ability to bridge and connect all communities

  • A passion and ability to connect with young people

  • Solid self-leadership and emotional intelligence

  • Strong understanding of work processes and ability to deliver required outcomes

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English plus fluency in either Xhosa or Afrikaans

  • Ability to work under pressure and manage deadlines

  • Be able to work in an unsupervised situation and be a team player

  • A valid driver’s license & car

  • South African citizenship

The successful candidate will be expected to work in the busy open plan Stellenbosch office as well as remotely or at other sites. A driver’s license and own vehicle is essential.

PYDA salary packages are competitive within NGO environment in Western Cape region. The Academy believes in lifelong learning and continuous personal development for all staff.

In order to be considered for this role you will need to submit a two page CV, a motivation of 300 words, detail of your current and /or salary expectation, confirmation of your driver’s license and own vehicle, names and contact details of two referees – to

Closing date: 31 January 2022

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